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Headspa7 Anti-aging Treatment

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1) Brand : Headspa7

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 215ml


It takes care of not only the scalp and hair, but also the hairline.
It delivers collagen capsules' nutrition directly to the scalp.
This capsule ampoule To cream formula incorporates research know-how from Head Spa.
When the ampoule meets water, it turns into a firm cream.
Ample provides nourishment, capsules anti-aging and cream coats hair.
The basis of elastic hair starts with a healthy scalp.
It gives a powerful volume to rich, glossy hair.
It takes care of the overall aging of the head, and also takes care of the scalp-hair border.

how to use

1. After shampooing, apply to scalp and hair while the hair is wet.
2. A light massage turns orange into pink cream.
3. Rinse thoroughly with running water.
* Shake the product so that the capsules mix evenly before use.
*Turn left and right to open and lock.

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about Headspa7

"Hair is like skin"
It provides eternal time against the passage of time.
We make the best balance and rhythm with the energy obtained from natural ingredients.
It was born with the technology and know-how constantly experimented and developed by Headspa7 Laboratory.
Feel and experience the unique texture change of Headspa7.
Use naturally derived ingredients with confidence.
Various clinical trials provide satisfactory results.