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The Face Shop Smile Foot Mask

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1) Brand: The Face Shop

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 18ml * 1Sheet



    -Moist change experienced by one use.
    - Feeling like baby feet.
    -Your feet will be deeply refreshed with a single use.
    -Disposable sock-shaped foot mask sheet containing powerful moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, urea, and collagen to keep your foot skin moisturized and baby-smooth with refreshing peppermint oil to remove foot odor and ensure a fresh feeling.

    how to use

    1) Place the plastic socks on your feet.
    2) Tear open a packet containing peeling liquid and pour the entire contents into one sock. Repeat for the other sock.
    3) Leave on for 60 to 90 minutes.
    Do not leave the product on for more than 90 minutes as the formula contains highly concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).
    4) Remove the socks and rinse your feet thoroughly.
    5) Dead skin cells will fall off after 4 to 6 days.
    Do not use force when peeling begins; wait until dead skin cells fall off naturally.
    The calluses on your feet will start to peel off 4 to 6 days after use.
    Do not pick your calluses; allow them to come off naturally.
    6) Two weeks after use, nearly all your calluses will come off and your feet will feel baby-soft.

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    about The Face Shop

    The Face Shop creates cosmetics that capture the essence of nature.
    Various skin care and cosmetics create the ‘horn of abundance’ to enhance natural beauty and make you stand out, thereby becoming a brand that holds everything about nature.