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Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation SPF17 PA+

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1) Brand: Sulwhasoo

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 35ml


Flawless Coverage, Breathable Wear Sulwhasoo's signature Skin caring foundation.
Sulwhasoo's unique skincare hybrid formula keeps the skin looking soft, healthy, and beautiful.
The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation is a medium to high coverage foundation that highlights your skin's resilience.
Sulwhasoo's unique skincare hybrid formula’s texture feels refreshing and watery.
Immediately upon application, it corrects your skin’s texture and tone to create flawless skin.
The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation fits tightly onto your skin with a matte finish that does not feel sticky at all.
Although the formula feels thin, it conceals wrinkles, brings your skin’s texture back to life, and keeps your makeup looking perfect at all times.
The Perfecting makeup line is a “skincare makeup” line that adds the wisdom of Hanji (Korean traditional paper) to Sulwhasoo’s powerful skincare and makeup ingredients.
Inspired by Korean paper, which is known to breathe and last for a thousand years, Sulwhasoo developed a breathable makeup technology, and infused it with Sulwhasoo's unique skincare ingredients.
Ultimately, the Perfecting Foundation Balm keeps your skin soft, healthy, and beautiful with its breathable formula.
The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation has 10 different shades according to brightness and saturation.
This custom color solution allows you to create a look that feels as natural as your own skin.

How to use

Use after applying your makeup base.
Shake gently before use.
Dispense an appropriate amount of the formula, then apply it along the grain of your skin.
Upon application, Tap gently to finish.

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About Sulwhasoo

Rooted in Korean heritage, Sulwhasoo was born in 1932.
With a pioneer spirit that still inspires us today, we explored the unknown and were the first to infuse ginseng with skincare.
We create products as works of art, powered by heritage and unique skin science to transcend time and generations.
With artistry and creativity as our vehicle, Sulwhasoo aims to bring new experiences globally, inspiring people to explore their heritage and create their own version of beauty.
As one of Asia’s most precious herb, ginseng is celebrated for its miraculous benefits and many efficacies.
An essential in our key products, ginseng embodies both our rich brand history and innovative spirit as artists in the field of beauty.
Through decades of research and harnessing the power of bioconversion technology, Sulwhasoo’s ginseng extract uses a rare ginseng saponin (1g extracted per 1000g of ginseng) that is further concentrated 6000* times to deliver powerful anti-aging benefits and visibly rejuvenate skin.