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Round Lab

Round Lab For Men Birch Juice Shaving Cleansing Foam

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1) Brand : Round Lab

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 150ml


It is a multi-cleaning foam that solves everything from cleansing to shaving in one.
You can wash your face closely without empty items with dense whipped cream foam.
It adheres tightly to the skin, helping to cleanse the skin cleanly, including sebum accumulated overnight and waste from the skin exposed in daily life.
The microbubble layer reduces the direct friction between the razor blade and the skin and firmly supports the wool to help clean shaving.

how to use

When you wash your face, take an appropriate amount on your hand, make enough foam, and then cleanse like a massage.
If necessary, shave and rinse with lukewarm water.

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about Round Lab

Round Lab is inspired by and encapsulates ingredients from the Korean Peninsula.
It is where clean water, mountain peaks and gusty winds meet.
A land gifted with natural resources and ingredients with powerful vitality that breathes vibrancy and purity into skin.
The East Sea is where warm and cold currents meet just off the coast of Korea to form the most lively marine ecosystem.
At approximately 13,000 ft. deep, water sourced from the East Sea is exceptionally clean, and formed by volcanic activity, deep sea water found around Ulleungdo (pronounced wool-leung-doh) and Dokdo (pronounced dok-doh) islands is rich with nutrients and natural minerals.
Taebaek Mountain, the 400 mile backbone of the Korean Peninsula, peaks above 5,000 ft and stretches across the coast and inland.
How it was formed is still a mystery to geochnologists, but it is where the richest, life-giving, natural ingredients are found in the untainted and well-preserved pockets of the mountain.
Air formed in areas where a mountain and the sea meet are known to be especially clean.
With the clean but strong wind gushing at 10+mph, the nature is vitalized, refreshed and renewed all year around.
Keeping the spirit of discovery and exploration alive, ROUND LAB constantly searches for the highest quality skincare ingredients all across Korean soil and water.