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Muzigae Mansion

Muzigae Mansion Objet Water

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1) Brand: Muzigae Mansion

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 5.8ml


It's a water blur type that changes into a blurry color as soon as the watery type is applied to the lips.
Hyaluronic acid forms a strong moisture barrier, making your lips feel comfortable all day long as your skin breathes without dryness.
It absorbs quickly and adheres to the lips, providing a finish without any excitement or stains.
It forms a uniformly covered color layer to maintain a clear color for a long time.

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount with an applicator and spread it from the inside of your lips like gradation.

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About Muzigae Mansion

Muzigae Mansion is a vegan objet cosmetic brand that removes the boredom of everyday life.
From familiar things that are easy for us to pass by, inspiration and unconscious thoughts.
Re-creation from a new perspective.
From now on, experience our bold and contemporary atmosphere with full of confidence.