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Medi-Peel Extra Super 9 Plus

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1) Brand : Medi-Peel 

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 100ml, 250ml, 1000ml


5 kinds of moisturizing ingredients cleanses the irritated skin to make the skin smooth and healthy.
Removes all unnecessary dead skin cells and sebum to make the skin smooth.
Gently removes the sebum in the pores without squeezing or peeling.

how to use

1. Moisten the cotton pad and place it on the T zone or the sebum area.
(*Prevent the cotton from drying out)
2. After 15-20 minutes, gently press and remove the sebum from the pores.
3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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about Medi-Peel

Medi-Peel a high-functionality skin homecare brand with genuine patent derma-technology and high-quality ingredients.
Selected Korean aesthetic expert who has various peeling and skin care solution knowlwdge.
Medi-Peel pursues the women's confident beauty.
Continues to research and challenges for all women to deliver inherent skin healthness.