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LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

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1) Brand: Laneige (Amorepacific)

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 20g

4) Type: Berry / Grapefruit / Apple Lime / Vanilla 


Special care with lip sleeping mask!
The berry mix Complex™ with ingredients such as raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, and gojiberry rich in vitamin C melts dead skin cells from the lips and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic.
1. Berry Mix Complex™
Berry extracts rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants act on dry, rough lips, making them smooth and supple.
Laneige’s patented moisture technology puts active ingredients such as hydro ion mineral water, evening primrose root extract, and Hunza Apricot extract in the dense beta-glucan moisture film (network). It helps skin absorb the ingredients densely into skin during 8 hours of sleep.
3. 4 kinds of sweet refreshing scent
Lip Sleeping Mask [Berry] Key words: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry…
-Contains a pleasant, sweet berry scent; the main product of Laneige lip sleeping pack!
Lip Sleeping Mask [Grapefruit] Key words: Grapefruit, Sweet Citrus
-Refreshing sweet scent of sugar.
-preserved grapefruit.
Lip Sleeping Mask [Apple Lime] Key words: Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit / Green apple / Sweet
-The scent of freshly harvested apple lime.
Lip Sleeping Mask [Vanilla] Key words: Sweet Milky Caramel, Creamy
-Comforting vanilla scent provides soft fragrance during sleep as the soft vanilla whipping cream wraps the entire lips.

how to use

Step 1
Before going to bed at night, apply an adequate amount on the lips using the built-in spatula.
※ Effects: Melts out stubborn dead skin cells from the lips overnight, provides abundant moisture to the lips.
Step 2
The next morning, gently wipe the lips clean with tissue or cotton pad.
※ Effects: Makes the lips feel smooth and elastic.

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about laneige

Laneige products maintain a bright and youthful-looking skin by bringing out moisture from within. The concept of Laneige’s brand is Sparkle My Way, and we provide high-quality products that provide energy and vitality to the skin with the idea of ‘shining the most when I feel most like myself’.