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Lacto-Fit Probiotics Beauty

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1) Brand : Lacto-Fit

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 2g*60ea



It's builds on the original GOLD formula, but supplements it with Micro-Collagen Peptide GT.
Collagen are the vital proteins that gives your skin elasticity and "bounce".
It improves skin hydration, heals damaged cells and prevents scars, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
LactoFit Beauty is formulated with micro-sized collagen, for easy digestion and high absorption.
Furthermore, this specific micro-collagen received a "health-functional food" designation by Korean FDA.
In short, this probiotic mix is designed for beauty - to boost gut health and to moisturize skin, to make it look younger and more supple.

how to use

Once a day. Take one pack without water.

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about Lacto-Fit

Our guts show our various life patters and habits.
Do you feel comfortable with normal and standardized lactobacillus to take care of your gut health?
LactoFit offers lactobacillus that is customized to your life style, age, and purpose.
LactoFit started its journey as customized lactobacillus under the name "Fresh Lactobacillus Gold."
We have been expanding and developing customized lactobacillus by paying attention to consumers' needs since then.
We have taken into consideration all 19 types of beneficial intestinal bacteria recommended by the MFDS and made our product "Fresh lactobacillus 19 for guts" which has taken the top position* in the lactobacillus market.