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KAHI Multi Balm Refill Kit

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1) Brand : KAHI

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 9g



It has a skin-lifting effect to give skin elasticity that seems to hold the skin tight, a wrinkle-improving effect to aid in intensive wrinkle care, and improved makeup adhesion with skin-adhesive care that aids in boosting makeup adhesion.
The refill kit for this multi-balm product contains small worries and fresh encounters.
It delivers daily doses of tiny fermented energy to the skin, presenting a daily existence that transforms into tiny energy.
It is a variety of balm that collects skin energy.
You can inject fermented energy into your skin.
Kahi is simple to use anywhere, anytime.
When you are having fun, this product makes your eyes and smile brighter, and when you need a break, it gently wraps your skin.
It gives you a relaxed smile, makes your teeth elastic and clear, and gives you smoother, better-textured skin by soaking up moisture over night for when you need to be self-assured tomorrow.
The tenth layer of your skin can receive a deep moisturizing sensation.
It enables deep moisturizing and moisture care without having to worry about dryness and gives the skin a sense of moisture.
By giving the skin a bright glow, you can experience a rich radiance that brightens along the skin's texture.
Every day, you can witness small changes in daily life.
It is a tiny, adorable stick product that you can hold in your hand.
The refill kit makes easy replacement possible.
Experience a smooth and even application on the skin's surface thanks to the soft touch flow, all without using complicated hand movements.
It's a product that turns minor inconveniences into cute practices, lowers container costs through reuse, and turns minor inconveniences into refill kits with fermented oil that has longer waits.
Every day use of multi-balm will reduce wrinkles and enhance smiles.
It offers a new way of living with multiple balms.
Your skin will glow if you take care of it with a multi-balm every day, it is convenient to carry around and apply, and once applied, it stays moisturized for a very long time.
Kahi adds a subtle glow and provides makeup adherence.
This multi-balm gives the skin elasticity and moisture.
The Multi-balm's effectiveness has already been established, and consistency always counts.
It was demonstrated in the test that wrinkles under the eyes were lifted by 10.73%, the outer corners of the eyes were lifted by 7.27%, and under eye bags were lifted by 5.31%. Nasolabial folds and facial skin sagging were strengthened, as evidenced by tests that showed a 6.06% improvement in nasolabial folds, a 3.04% improvement in cheek elasticity, and a 3.78% improvement in lifting facial skin sagging.
Test results demonstrated a 4.92% reduction in neck wrinkles, demonstrating the effectiveness of a single application.
It is a tiny product that, by spreading happiness, makes life richer and more enjoyable.

how to use

As the last step of skin care, gently spread it over the face or other dry skin areas.
After gently using the stick on the skin, apply it to areas that need glow and moisture to express moist and subdued moisture before and after makeup.
1. Reduce the length of the stick to less than 1cm before use.
2. First, massage the product gently on the troubled area.
The refill kit is only available in the 'Multi balm Refill Type'.

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