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Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask

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1) Brand: JM Solution

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 1.5ml + 25ml + 1.5ml (10 Sheets)


JM solution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask

3-step mask pack to fill the skin with marine energy full of life force.
Deep moisture mask contains marine energy with vitality from pure Kangwon-do deep sea water, marine collagen and pearl extract for a clean and glowing complexion.

All in one special care with just sheet.
This 3-step mask works its way up to deep moist firming care, by layering boosting essence, moisturizing mask, and all face cream.
All ace eye cream that can be used not only around your sensitive eyes and neck but also all over your face contains triple hyaluronic acids and marine energy for a luminous complexion.
Hydrating essence that can be used as a booster before using the mask. It provides lightweight hydration with triple hydration with triple hyaluronic acids and marine energy.

Step 1. Marine Waterfull Essence
A quick absorbing lightweight essence

Step 2. Marine Luminous Mask
Moisture packed sheet mask fits perfectly to the skin.

Step 3. Marine All Face Eye Cream
A firming finish after moist mask pack.

How to use

Cleanse and apply toner, place the mask on entire face. Leave it on and remove the mask in 10-20 minutes. Gently pat any remaining essence into the skin.

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