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HERA Soft Finish Loose Powder

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1) Brand : HERA

2) country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 15g


The spherical silicone powder and fixing powder keep sebum under complete control to keep your skin smooth, soft, and matte for longer.
The pink base color adds a brighter and more vibrant tone to your skin, and the fine pearl particles with a subtle glow make skin appear smoother, as if blurring out pores and imperfections, to deliver soft-looking skin.
Skin-loving powder free of animal-derived ingredients, talc, artificial scents, tar pigments, and sebum, resulting in formula that rests comfortably on your skin.
The mesh filter’s pores adjust in size according to force applied on the puff and dispenses the formula in optimal amounts to deliver a natural makeup look that does not make your skin feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

How to use

Use the puff inside the compact to pick up an adequate amount and lightly sweep over the skin.

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about Hera

HERA is a contemporary Seoul-based beauty brand that defines and creates the trends in beauty standards that get delivered alongside Korean beauty and its value across the world.
Seoul beauty is about finding the natural beauty that lies deep within each of us and having a strong inner sense of confidence to bring it out to shine - this is the philosophy of HERA.
They know what's best for them and never stop exploring.
Their beautiful style is never too much and instead, truly shows their taste and sense of beauty.
HERA makeup seeks perfection and sophistication in beauty, starting from the makeup base to unveil your natural beauty through to the play of colors catering to your taste and sense of beauty.