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Dr.Ceuracle AC Care Spot Healer

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1) Brand: Dr.Ceuracle 

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 1ea


Dr.Ceuracle AC Care Spot Healer is a smart device for topical treatment with blue light and IR light that soothes and heals damaged skin.
It helps increase UV resistance by strengthening the skin barrier and helps prevent damage caused by negative external factors, UV pigmentation.
Blue light controls sebum production.
IR light strengthens skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin.
Spot treatment device with blue light and IR light.
Soothes and prevents post-acne spots.
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

How to use

1. Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly before use.
2. Turn on the device and apply on blemishes for 10-15 seconds, morning and night time.
3. After use, turn off the power and clean the head with a dry towel.
4. (Optional) Apply the Dr. Ceuracle - AC Cure Solution Blue One for the best and fastest results.

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About Dr.Ceuracle

The Cosmeceutical Pioneer in Korea
With the expertise of the skin research lab of Dr.Ceuracle, we are sure that all type of skin troubles would be diminished.
Since 2000, Dr.Ceuracle has accumulated the various clinical tests and data and applied them to our professional products.
With the technological data, we can cure skin.
On the basis of the dermatological tests and studies of the skin research lab of Dr.Ceuracle, we can give customers the suitable advice for various skin concerns.
Like dermatological treatments, we can care beauty professionally.