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Dewycel CICA Plus Balm 2X

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1) Brand: Dewycel

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 50ml


Panthenol, known as skin’s vitamin, and hyaluronic acid, known as moisture-magnet, present healthy, plump and glowing skin.
The exclusive formula of Dewy Cel helps transform sensitive and bloaty skin into bright and plump skin.
Moisturizing capsules fully deliver vitamin C inducer.
It is safe to use by eliminating 6 harmful substances to skin.

How to use

Before going to bed, after applying skin toner.
Evenly apply onto tired and sensitive skin from external irritation.
Then, reapply wherever needed to intensively sooth the skin overnight.

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About Dewycel

Stop following skincare trends and keep your skin beautiful for life!
Dewycel helps yor find your skin's natural, healthy glow.
Simple and convenient skin cell care to create beautiful,glowing skin from any angle.
The lighter your makeup, the closer to finding your own inner beauty.
It's only natural.
Dewycel's "Plant Stem Cells" have created the fundamental skin improvement solutions for over 100 skin problems.
Because improving your natural skin is the first step to a more beautiful look-with or without makeup.