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Centellian24+ Madeca Cream Active Skin Formula

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1) Brand: Centellian24+

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 50ml


Madeca Derma is a high-performance cosmetics brand from Dongkook Pharmaceutical's anti-aging project designed to realize the dream of restoring youthful and healthy skin of 24 year olds.
The Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica (TECA), essence from Centella Asiatica and other patented active ingredients add a natural layer of shield to your skin to bring relief to skin agitation and problems, for healthier younger-looking skin.

How to use

Squeeze in a little amount. Use your finger to gently apply on areas you need calming and healing.
Apply a thin layer on entire face if you have troubled and very dry skin.

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About Centellian24+

Centellian24+ provides a strong skin science solution based on Dongkuk Pharmaceutical's Centella asiatica extraction technology to realize customized derma care for each generation. Dongkuk Pharmaceutical's skin science and technology, which has been accumulated for more than half a century since 1968, provides professional high-functioning derma care. It contains Dongkuk Pharmaceutical's own TECA and Centella asiatica extract, which are extracted in a very small amount from a Centella asiatica in a clean area that has passed strict quality standards. It provides safe and reliable skin improvement through human application tests and skin hypoallergenic tests for efficacy effects. The Centellian24 brand was created by combining Centell, which means Centella asiatica, 'ian', which means expert, and '24', which means day.