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Abib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask

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1) Brand: Abib

2) Country of Origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 30ml*10ea


Contains a bottle of ampoule for moisturising.
With similar pH value with skin to prevent skin irritation.
Helps with skin pH balance and strengthen skin immunity.
With special ALBAM (ALbumin & BAMboo) sheet to improve skin elasticity and delivers nutrients better.

*Jericho Rose Fit

Delivers deep nourishment and keeps skin moisturized throughout the day.

*Yuja Fit

Moisturises and vitalises skin with the vitamins contained in Yuja.

*Heartleaf Fit

Soothes sensitive skin without irritation.
Enriched with 89% of Huttuynia Cordata Extract to remove excessive sebum for a clear and bright skin texture.

*Aqua Fit

Hydrates skin and strengthens moisturising power to keep your skin hydrated.

How to use

1. After cleansing, wipe off the skin with face lotion.
2. Open the product to evenly attach the mask on the entire face except for eye and mouth areas, and then slightly expand and adhere the mask to fit your face.
3. Remove the mask after 10~20 minutes.
4. Gently pat to absorb the essence to the skin.

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About Abib

Abib stands for the 'the first month', thriving to aim for the most perfect and purest cosmetics, starting from the very first step of the beauty cycle.
Our goal is to help your skin cycle back to its prime, natural complexion.
Although the skin has its healing process from creating cells, growth and death repeatedly, the skin of modern people have lost its self-perpetuating ability due to several reasons.
Abib Laboratory has focused on extracting full performance to achieve the goals as below, under the slogan 'The only way to the perfection is endless experiments.'
Abib's packaging always put priority to the product's stability.