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Abib Collagen Gel Mask

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1) Brand: Abib

2) Country of Origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 35g*10ea


*Heartleaf Jelly

Vegan collagen mask pack that received the Italian V-Label certification.
Low molecular peptides boost the collagen and make skin texture more smooth and firm.
After undergoing a pore improvement test and a pore area elasticity improvement test, it shows an immediate improvement in pore area by 51.41%, pore volume by 52.64%, and pore area by 12.35%.
Shows an immediate decrease in skin temperature of 4.97 degrees immediately after use, through an immediate skin temperature reduction test.
Moisture and cooling are tightly adhered at the same time to effectively absorb active ingredients.
The mesh support is removed with a no-mesh sheet to minimize skin irritation, allowing even sensitive skin to use it safely.
Keep the skin healthy and tight even for sensitive skin with a soothing care.

*Sedum Jelly

As a collagen jelly mask created by hardening a thin layer of essence, it provides moisture and a cooling sensation while adhering tightly to effectively absorb active ingredients.
Feel the hydrogel sheet’s excellent adhesion.
This vegan collagen face mask has been certified by the Italian V-LABEL.
As a dual functional cosmetic for wrinkle improvement and skin brightening, this product has completed the outer skin elasticity and skin tone improvement test, showing a 14.11% improvement in outer skin elasticity immediately after use and a 2.92% improvement in skin tone immediately after use.
The no-mesh sheet removes the mesh support to minimize skin irritation, so it can even be used on sensitive skin.
It has completed the sensitive skin safe care and skin irritation test, so it can even fill up sensitive skin with moisture and elasticity every day.

*Jericho Rose Jelly

Made of a no-mesh sheet, it minimizes irritation on the skin.
Feel the ultimate hydration and relief it offers to your skin.
Rose of Jericho survives in the barren desert in the form of hay.
It blooms again when it absorbs moisture.
Feel the resurrection plant's amazing hydration and nourishment, the resurrection plant's powerful vitality.
Trehalose, an ingredient found in Rose of Jericho delivers a lasting hydration to your skin by increasing the amount of moisture retention on the skin. on a daily basis.
Ceramide in the essence increases moisture retention in the skin, keeping it hydrated and fortifying the barrier.

How to use

1. After cleansing, wipe off the skin with face lotion.
2. Open the product to evenly attach the mask on the entire face except for eye and mouth areas, and then slightly expand and adhere the mask to fit your face.
3. Remove the mask after 10~20 minutes.
4. Gently pat to absorb the essence to the skin.

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About Abib

Abib stands for the 'the first month', thriving to aim for the most perfect and purest cosmetics, starting from the very first step of the beauty cycle.
Our goal is to help your skin cycle back to its prime, natural complexion.
Although the skin has its healing process from creating cells, growth and death repeatedly, the skin of modern people have lost its self-perpetuating ability due to several reasons.
Abib Laboratory has focused on extracting full performance to achieve the goals as below, under the slogan 'The only way to the perfection is endless experiments.'
Abib's packaging always put priority to the product's stability.