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Lacto-Fit Probiotics Slim

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1) Brand : Lacto-Fit

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 2g*60ea



LACTO-FIT Slim is a customized live lactobacillus that is ideal for dieters whose intestinal health balance is easily disrupted by changing diets.
LACTO-FIT is Korea's No. 1 lactic acid bacterium, surpassing 1 trillion sales, selling one bottle every second, winning the grand prize for four years in a row, and having the highest purchase rate for four years in a row.
LACTO-FIT Live Lactobacillus, Korea's No. 1 Lactobacillus, has a more diverse lineup and a lower price, so that anyone in Korea can use it with Lactobacillus anywhere.
It is a core product that has been enhanced with zinc for normal immune functions and has been doubled to 2 billion CFU.
You can maintain gut health and your diet plan at the same time by increasing beneficial bacteria and decreasing body fat.
Guaranteed 2 billion CFU of probiotics in 1 pouch per day.
This is a dieting product that is recommended for those who want to consistently maintain intestinal health and body fat management, those who do not feel refreshed after defecation, those who want to manage body fat in every corner of their body, those who spend a lot of time sitting and are less active, those who want a lighter body with regular bowel movements, and those who want intestinal health by suppressing harmful bacteria and increasing beneficial bacteria.
When the intestine is healthy, the body is healthy; however, as the harmful bacteria in the intestine increase, the beneficial bacteria decrease, and the health balance in the intestine may be disrupted for a variety of reasons, this product is required.

how to use

Take one packet at a time, two times a day, before or after meals, by adding 250 ml or more of water and thoroughly mixing.

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about Lacto-Fit

Our guts show our various life patters and habits.
Do you feel comfortable with normal and standardized lactobacillus to take care of your gut health?
LactoFit offers lactobacillus that is customized to your life style, age, and purpose.
LactoFit started its journey as customized lactobacillus under the name "Fresh Lactobacillus Gold."
We have been expanding and developing customized lactobacillus by paying attention to consumers' needs since then.
We have taken into consideration all 19 types of beneficial intestinal bacteria recommended by the MFDS and made our product "Fresh lactobacillus 19 for guts" which has taken the top position* in the lactobacillus market.