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REFA Heart Brush

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1) Brand: REFA

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 7 colors



It's a tangle-free, flawless hair texturizing product. Create a flawless hairstyle with a single brush stroke. Whether you're dealing with frizzy hair, sagging volume, or thinning damaged hair, it's easy to work with tangle-free.
With its eye-catching heart vibe, this is the iconic heart symbol that everyone wants to own. It fits in a small bag for easy on-the-go hair care. It shows a sense of urgency that can't be missed.
It's a powerful detangler with a subtle glow. A tangle-free look with the ReFa Heart Brush. A rounded end tip that cools and massages the scalp.
A three-tiered comb for detangling and shine at the same time. Detangling pins that catch hair tangles from all angles and release them without damage.
It's a shining pin that gives you a sparkling shine. It has a crystal-clear sheen with subtle color shades. The compact, portable size and one-brush action will get you to the ends of your hair.

How to use

1. Pull off the heart-shaped cover.
2. Use the ReFa Heart Brush to stroke the surface of the hair.

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