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Round Lab 365 Derma Relief Sun Cream UVA UVB SPF50+ PA+++

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1) Brand : Round Lab

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 50ml


: When you’re worried about sensitive skin, we recommend relief sunscreen selected according to its sunscreen and ingredients. All irritants were eliminated, and relieving substances were added. Use the relief sunscreen every day before your skin becomes even more sensitive.

: Non-nano inorganic sunscreen

SPF 50+ PA++++100% UV blocking
: Aqua ceramide
Moisture care that protects the skin
: Panthenol
Protection of sensitive skin with a relieving moisture layer

- Non-nano inorganic sunscreen that immediately reflects UV rays upon application.

The 100% non-nano inorganic UV block that reflects UV rays from the skin surface and can be safely used on sensitive skin.
- Moisture protection layer of aqua ceramide

Moisture evaporation from the skin is suppressed while new moisture is supplied by aqua ceramide to care for your skin and keep it moist.
- Relielf for damaged and sensitive skin from UV rays

Panthenol, heartleaf houttuynia extract, and Asiatic pennywort extract effective in relief comfortably soothe skin that has become sensitive from the external environment.


Moist cream type that contains moisture
A cream formulation that captures moisture and creates a soft and moist UV ray block layer without whitening effects.

how to use

At the last step of skin care, evenly apply to parts easily exposed to UV rays.

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