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Beauty of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon Matte Sun Stick Mugwort + Camelia

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1) Brand : Beauty of Joseon

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 18g



Korean Beauty of Joseon Matte Sun Stick Mugwort + Camelia 18g
Sun care Cosmetic


Matte Sun Stick was developed with Ramón @glowbyramon, an influencer and cosmetic chemist, as the director.
It was created after an extensive collaboration by meticulously going through all the processes that fall under BOJ's brand philosophy of Modern Hanbang skin care.
Most sun sticks are focused on use for outdoor activities, but we wanted to bring out the usefulness of sun sticks in our daily lives in bustling cities as well.
To get listed SPF and PA protection level, sunscreen should be reapplied every 2-3 hours, but that’s not easy to do all of the time.
So, we developed a sun stick with a matte formula that doesn't get clumpy and doesn't feel sticky or greasy even when reapplied several times over makeup.
Sebum-control silica powder regulates sebum to increase adherence and provides a matte and smooth finish without clumping.
Containing artemisia capillaris and green tea extracts, it helps create smooth skin while maintaining moisture.
It is a matte sun stick without any of the oily or sticky feelings.
It is hygienic as you don’t need to apply it with your hands, and it is compact, enabling convenient use anytime, anywhere.
Sebum-control silica powder regulates sebum on the skin, giving a smooth and soft-rolling feeling without greasiness.
Mugwort has been an important ingredient throughout the history of oriental medicine.
And artemisia capillaris has a cooling property and has been used as a therapeutic medicine to lower body temperature since ancient times.
It contains vitamins A and C as well as various minerals to help nourish and soothe the skin.
SPF and PA tests were completed in labs in both Korea and Spain, and the results are as follows.

how to use

Apply to areas that need sun protection, such as the face and body. Reapply every 2-3 hours.

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