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Amuse Vegan Soy Bean Hand Cream

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1) Brand: Amuse

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 50ml


A high-nutritive and high-moisturizing hand cream that moisturizes and elasticizes tired hands with a high moisturizing effect of 5,000 ppm of soy ceramide produced by fermenting blue Jeju beans without chemical additives.
A wrinkle improvement functionality hand cream that makes your hands healthy and lively with hypoallergenic and clean ingredients.
Adenosin is Cares wrinkles on the hands.
Soybean ceramide is Strengthen a skin barrier.
Sixfold hand care complex is consists of high-nutritive & moisturizing pea & lentil extracts, basil leaf extracts to balance skin condition, Shea butter to form soothing and strong moisturizing membranes, Panthenol to store moisture, and low molecular collagen peptides to improve skin texture and elasticity.

How to use

Squeeze the hand cream onto the back of hand and rub the back of other hand against it.

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AMUSE is here to bring good vibes to your day.
A leading K-beauty & lifestyle brand based in Seoul, AMUSE offers beauty products that feature clean, vegan formulas for the environment and sustainability, with the added touch of unique colors.
AMUSE Vegan Beauty Project was initiated based on the respect for the belief that “I am Your Lifesaver – Only the products created in happiness can make our lives joyful,” generating good vibes.
Having started after undergoing extensive research efforts, We offer various types of clean, vegan beauty products, certified by France’s EVE VEGAN which is known for its strict criteria from among global vegan certification organizations.
In the future, AMUSE aims to extend its values and areas to our daily lives to establish a new vegan beauty life that’s all about the brand’s joyful attitude.