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The Face Shop Fmgt Skin Filter Vegan Tone Up Cushion Refill SPF33 PA++

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1) Brand: The Face Shop

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Capacity: 12g


Pearl Capsule Cream formulated with luxurious pearl for concentrated treatment.
The pearl capsules are formulated using luxurious pearl harvested from natural cultivation sites and concentrated in capsules that help achieve bright, glowing skin.

-Double functional cosmetic : Anti-wrinkle + Whitening
-Concentrated radiance brightening effects for dark, dull skin (Moisture, bright radiance, vitality)

how to use

1) After applying lotion gently massage over the entire face. Pat your face with your palms to aid absorption.
2) Use a spatula to scoop out moisturizing cream along with three or four pearl capsules and place in the palm of your hand.
3) Cup your palm and crush the pearl capsules using the spatula (or gently crush with your index and middle fingers).
4) Dab an even amount on your forehead and both cheeks, then spread the cream evenly all over the face.
5) Apply another layer of two to three pearl capsules to reduce discoloration.
6) The product can be used as a cream on its own or before applying cream in your usual skincare routine.
7) Mix one or two pearl capsules into your cream or base makeup to give your skin a healthy glow.

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about The Face Shop

The Face Shop creates cosmetics that capture the essence of nature.
Various skin care and cosmetics create the ‘horn of abundance’ to enhance natural beauty and make you stand out, thereby becoming a brand that holds everything about nature.