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The Face Shop CC Cooling Cushion Refill

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1) Brand: The Face Shop

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 15g



CC Cooling Cushion infuses dry skin with moisture.

Reduces wrinkles, brightens, and protects against UV rays.

• Refreshing cushion makeup with the texture of moisturizing cream and hydrating ingredients Formulated with hydrating ingredients to relieve dry skin, it feels refreshing and moisturizing on skin and helps make skin look well-rested.
• Contains Birch Sap and Flower Water for a refreshing sensation.
• This cushion contains Birch Sap to soothe flushed skin and Flower Water (a blend of Damask Rose, Lotus Flower, Chamomile and Cornflower) to balance the skin's oil and water content and make it look vibrant.
Snow Oil melts on skin and creates a cooling sensation.
Like ice, Snow Oil melts on skin to create a cooling sensation and moisturizes dry skin.
*Close the inner lid tightly to keep the formula fresh after use.

how to use

Press the puff applicator into the cushion and lightly pat onto your face.
Re-apply to areas of concern for more coverage.
Replace the cushion with a refill once the formula is used up.

- How to replace refill.

Replace the cushion with a refill once the formula is used up.
1. Push the bottom of the compact with your thumbs to separate the cushion.
2. Place the refill in the compact and align it, then snap it in.

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