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Round Lab Apple Whitening Cream

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1) Brand : Round Lab

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 80ml


‘To you, excited about tomorrow’
: The apple extract and niacinamide substances from the evergreen village of Cheongsong care for skin that has become dark and rough from UV rays and the external environment leaving them clear and clean.


Clean and pure Cheongsong apple
: Cheongsong, nationally known to be beautiful and clean, introduced combined pest and insect management and low-pesticidal production to obtain higher cultivation technologies than other regions. Cheongsong apple extracts grown from the pure energy of the evergreen village have been captured intact.

Brightly shining whitening effect (whitening function approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.)
: The niacinamide glutathione substances help with toning up the skin and care for skin that has become tired from the external environment and UV rays leaving it clear and bright.

Evenly shining reflection angle
: Dried and darkened skin is supplied with moisture and nutrients to even out the reflection angle of the light from the skin leaving it strong and clear.


Soft and moist gel cream type : A gel cream type that richly captures the niacinamide substance brightening the skin, and an apple substance which removes dead skin cells together produce a moist reflection layer leaving your skin bright and white.

how to use

: At the last step of skin care, apply a suitable amount of the product and softly absorb as if covering the skin with a layer of moisture.

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