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Soybean Energy Neck Cream
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Anti-aging neck cream with jeju ferment beans extract and oil for elastic glowing skin care. 4 step concentrate steps processed jeju bean ferment extract enhance skin elasticity for firm skin care.


1) Brand: Innisfree

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 80ml

Main Ingredients

-Refined water, propaneol, cethylenexanoate, cyclophenetasiloxic acid, seraryal alcohol, niacinamide, methroposilic acid, cyclo
Vasilus/Congely effective extract (convalues of soy sauce, bean-exposure oil 472mg), oatenel extract, oatmeal extract, green tea extract, and camellia 
Idroxyprolin, adenosine, hydroxyproxychloridextrin, glycerylcate, glycerolcafrylate, dextrin, and polyglycerlene-3 
Lucoos dystecharate,...

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