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Smart Drawing Foundation

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Sleeve on my skin, lightly #Steep pen [Contactor Foundation for covering skin defects with strong coverage]


1) Brand: Innisfree

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 12ml

Main Ingredients

-Refined water, Cyclofenecilocalic acid, propaneyl, methylecylecylecylecylecilic acid, cyclohexxylocylactylicetate 
Smitate-crylate copolymer, aluminium hydrochloride, epileptic, orange extract, isododecan, grapefruit extraction, caprillation91 glycol

Product Description

-It's a good idea
Conceal Foundation
Cover Concealer Formula has a lot of trouble
Clean cover to form clean skin

Satin Finish
Painting with a sticky satin finish for a long time.
Makeup continues smoothly

-Easy yet sophisticated makeup
'Smart Pen...


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