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Smart Drawing [Color Correction]

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Sleeve on my skin, lightly #Steep pen [Color copier to correct dull skin defects with ton-coating effect]
A Color Corrector that Calibrates dull skin imperfections with tonecorrecting effect


1) Brand: Innisfree

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 12ml

Main Ingredients

-[Apricot Peach] Echilometoxacidic acid, propanidiol, cyclophenethylgricol, neophenylicol-heptaneate,Glacol, canderilla wax, anthrax, tritoxiccarpetrolylan, synthetic wax, titanium dioxides (CI 77891), amber iron oxide, 

-[Vanilla Green] Refined water, ethyl-silethyl-metoxinate, propane diatyol, cyclophenetrapylacylacylacidic acid, boronnateide, Tritoxiccafrillicilan, titanium dioxides (CI 77891), yellow oxides of iron, chromium oxide green, Ultramarine, and...

, Concealer , Foundation , Innisfree , Makeup


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