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Innisfree Skinny Microcara Zero [Water Proof]

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1) Brand : Innisfree

2) Origin of country : South Korea

3) Volume : 3.5g

4) Colors : #1 Black / #2 Brown


- Stay neat all day with no smudging, even with tears and oil!

The layering shield strongly formed with a layer of hydrophobic powder that is strong against tears and another layer of oil-defense film polymer maintains neat eyes without smudging.

- Neat eyelashes as if permed and with no drooping

The ultra-light powder increases long-lasting curling by lightly adhering to eyelashes and eliminating heavy substances.

- The NEW skinny micro brush is used to cleanly apply the product without clumping!

The skinny micro brush optimized for Korean eyes tightly adhere to the root of eyelashes to thoroughly brush each lash, and creates clean eyes without clumping.

how to use

How to use

1. Press into the root of the eyelashes and move upward in a zigzag pattern.

2. Use the brush vertically to apply the product on the front and back lashes of the eyes.

3. Thoroughly apply the product on the lower lashes to create bigger-looking eyes.