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Innisfree Second Skin Mask

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1) Brand: Innisfree

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 1Sheet (20g)

4) Type: Moisturizing / Soothing / Firming / Brighten-up / Nourishing



For moisturizing effects.
Contains hyaluronic acid, Moisturizing rough, dry skin.
5-in-1 Close Mask for Focus Management

Helping strengthen skin barrier.
It contains seramide.
The skin is bloated and dry.
with a tan and glossy skin.
5-in-1 Close Mask for Focus Management.

Helpful for skin rejuvenation.
It contains vitamin C derivatives.
Clean lost skin.
It's transparent.
5-in-1 Tightening Mask.

Conducive to skin elasticity It contains collagen.
You've got a tonic skin.
powerful and focused.
5-in-1 Tightening Mask.

Helpful for skin soothing.
It's got the Panthenics.
by a lack of exfoliation and moisture.
Clean your tired skin.
seamless and focused.
5-in-1 Tightening Mask.

how to use

(1) After washing the face, use toner to clean the skin.
(2) Remove the mesh of one side of mask.
(3) Attach the removed part evenly to the entire face except around the eyes and mouth.
(4) Remove the net on the outside.


(1) When using cosmetics or in direct sunlight, consult a specialist for any abnormal or adverse effects such as red spots, swelling or itching.
(2) Refrain from using the injured part.
(3) Storage and handling precautions) Keep out of the reach of children.
(4) Avoid using the eyes.
(5) Be careful if you are highly stimulated by adhesive bandages or blisters.
(6) After unpacking, use the product immediately. Do not use the product again.

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about innisfree

Innisfree is a naturalistic brand that realizes green and environmentally-friendly life to protect health and to present a healthy beauty to our customers by capturing the benefit of nature provided by the clean island. Through reliable natural ingredients, we pursue healthy beauty, and realize environmentally-friendly green design and green life. We also show that we are one with nature by creating a Jeju House unique to Innisfree on Korea’s clean island of “Jeju-do”.