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My Lipbalm Best Collection (2018 Green Christmas)

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1) Brand : Innisfree

2) Origin of Country : South Korea

3) Volume : 5g * 5EA

4) Type : #01 DIY Socks Kit (Green) / #02 DIY Socks Kit (Red) (Sold Out) / #03 DIY Socks Kit (White)

, Innisfree , Lip , Lip Care


eju fragrances designed in Christmas packaging.
Gift hand cream with the limited Christmas ‘String Art’ design (available in six Jeju fragrances) for your loved ones this festive season.
1. Guesthouse Laundry: Clean and cozy powdery scent.
2. Sunshine Wild Berry: Sweet fruity Jeju raspberry scent.
3. Tangerine Farm: Fruity scent of sweet and aromatic Jeju citrus farm.
4. Small Wedding Bouquet: Scent of pure gardenia bouquet.
5. Autumn Rain: Cozy and warm scent.
6: Pink Coral: Fruity floral scent.

How to use

After washing your hands, apply an appropriate amount evenly onto hands as you massage.

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about innisfree

aboutInnisfree is a naturalistic brand that realizes green and environmentally-friendly life to protect health and to present a healthy beauty to our customers by capturing the benefit of nature provided by the clean island. Through reliable natural ingredients, we pursue healthy beauty, and realize environmentally-friendly green design and green life. We also show that we are one with nature by creating a Jeju House unique to Innisfree on Korea’s clean island of “Jeju-do”.