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1) Brand: Innisfree

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 1 Set

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Create fuss-free gel nails with these fancy nail tips from Innisfree! Each pack includes 30 nail tips in 9 different sizes and a prep pad. To apply, cleanse your nail with the prep pad and stick the nail tip to your nail starting from the cuticle line. Finish by filing your nail. To remove, create a gap at the cuticle line and apply acetone using a wooden nail stick. Finish with nail serum.

1. A nail art set consists of gorgeous nail tips and a prep pad.
2. First remove cuticle with a nail pusher. Then remove oil and dirt on nails by using gel nail cleanser.
3. Choose the nail tip which is in similar size to yours. Remove the transparent fil at the back. Apply the bottom part of the tip first, then the upper part.
4. Remember to stick the tip closer to the cuticle line. Finish with the nail file.

how to use

Attachment Method
1. Use the woodstick or cuticle pusher to push the cuticle away from the tip of the claws.
2. Use the built-in Prep pad to remove the fluid from the claws.
3. Select the correct size magic press for your claws. (Press firmly against the claws and put it in a small size about 1mm.)
4. Remove the protective film from the back.
5. Start by aligning the cuticle, and then push it away from the center.
6. Hold the handle on the tip and roll off the protective film to attach the tip to the remaining claws.
7. Hold the handle of the tip from which the protective film has been removed and attach it to the claws. * The toe tip, except for the thumb, has a small handle attached to it.
8. Attach the tip, then turn the handle and remove it.
9. Finish with file or nail clipper as required.

How to Remove
1. Make a gap with the woodstick on the edge of the claws.
2. Apply acetone on the woodstick and remove the cuticle line.
3. Remove and finish with a nail serum or nail essence. * Hold on - Apply the tape film to the cuticle. - Other than the thumb claw, the small claw tip has a small handle. Be sure to remove this handle after attaching a tip - Magic press product is not recommended for prolonged use as a disposable tip. (Recommended period : within 7 days / Individual) - If you have severe damage to your claws, apply nail polish first and then attach a magic press.

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about innisfree

Innisfree is a naturalistic brand that realizes green and environmentally-friendly life to protect health and to present a healthy beauty to our customers by capturing the benefit of nature provided by the clean island. Through reliable natural ingredients, we pursue healthy beauty, and realize environmentally-friendly green design and green life. We also show that we are one with nature by creating a Jeju House unique to Innisfree on Korea’s clean island of “Jeju-do”.