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Green Tea Seed Deep Cream

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1) Brand: Innisfree

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 50ml 

, Cream , Innisfree , Skincare


The whole new Green Tea line with fresh green tea squeeze , Hydrating cream delivers anti-oxidants from a blend of Jeju green tea extract and green tea seed oil to replenish essential moisture to skin for a healthy glow.
Enriched with 3.5 times more 16 amino acids, Beauty Green Tea opens the moisture path of dehydrated skin to reveal a dewy and clear complexion.
Dual-Moisture-Rising-TechnologyTM firmly protects the moisture path to prevent water loss, and seed oil creates a moisture barrier on the skin. Soft, cushiony texture helps restore the skin to a supple and healthy condition.
Fresh green tea squeeze to keep the skin fresh and moisturized!
Fresh green tea squeeze from green tea leaves grown on Jeju Island is rich in amino acids and minerals, keeping the skin moisturized. 3-step skincare solution for three different skin types 3-step skincare solution to take good care of each skin type.
*Seed line: fresh green tea squeeze + green tea seed oil providing moisture and nourishment.

how to use

Apply an appropriate amount over face and neck then gently smooth for better absorption.

(1) When using cosmetics or in direct sunlight, consult a specialist if the area of use suffers abnormal symptoms such as red spots, swelling, or itching.
(2) Refrain from using damaged parts.
(3) Keep it out of the reach of children.) Keep it out of direct sunlight.

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about innisfree

Innisfree is a naturalistic brand that realizes green and environmentally-friendly life to protect health and to present a healthy beauty to our customers by capturing the benefit of nature provided by the clean island. Through reliable natural ingredients, we pursue healthy beauty, and realize environmentally-friendly green design and green life. We also show that we are one with nature by creating a Jeju House unique to Innisfree on Korea’s clean island of “Jeju-do”.