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Flower Essence Mist
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Brand: Borntree

Country of origin: South Korea

Volume: 95ml

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Contains 85% of plant-origined ingredients (Rosa Damascena Flower Water + Centerlla Asiatica Extract + HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA (WITCH HAZEL) WATER).
Fragrance based on vegetable material without synthetic perfume.

How to use

Close your eyes about 20cm away from your face and spray it throughout, whenever you feel dry.

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About Borntree

Borntree refers to skin born from trees. We produce moisturizing cosmetics that have captured the secret obtained from trees, which are the symbols of nature. Fundamental skin problems start from dryness and lack of sleep. For this reason, Borntree captures the energy of life and moisture from trees to propose a healthy skin healing solution focused on moisture care.