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Fresh Grapefruit Deo Tissue

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1) Brand: AprilSkin

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 110g (20 Sheets)


What it is
Non-sticky, trouble-friendly, single use deodorant tissue with effective odor control that lasts for hours.
What it does
Formulated with botanically derived cooling ingredients to control and protect skin from oiliness and sweat.
Portable deo tissue can be easily used anywhere, anytime to refresh skin.

Why We Love It
Can be used repeatedly on sweaty skin to wipe off sweat and odor.
On the go refresher. Wipe off areas of concerns including greasy hair, neck, armpits, feet.
Refreshing citrus scent.

How to use

Wipe off sweat and oil. Dispose after use.

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