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Fixing Dual Cara

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1) Brand: AprilSkin

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 6g

, AprilSkin , Eye , Eyebrow , Eyeliner , Makeup


What it is
Dual end mascara contains lengthening mascara on one end and boosting fixer on the other.
What it does
Volume powder and 3~5mm multi-fiber ingredients provide voluminous and long lashes.
Fixer offers strong film coating effect for lasting smudge-free makeup.
Why We Love It
Black Soybean extract and Argan oil nourish and strengthen lashes.

How to use

1. Apply fixer on dry eyelashes.
2. Apply mascara after fixer is completely dry.
3. Curl eyelashes with curler and apply fixer again.

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About AprilSkin

AprilSkin focuses on low skin irritation. We provide better products through a complex process and by breathing vitality into your skin by improving deep and tired skin. AprilSkin is a newly rising brand of natural cosmetics.