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AprilSkin 1Sec All-Kill Remover Stick

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1) Brand: AprilSkin

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 1g


2step power-cleansing
Vegetable oil balm strongly and smoothly removes your make-up and enables you to perfectly and quickly cleanse your face.
No worries about smudge
You can easily fix your make-up anytime, anywhere without remover, tissue, or cotton swab.
Protection for delicate skin around eyes
The stick softly removes make-up around your eyes without worries about stimulation on skin thanks to its vegetable oil ingredient. Also, it gives moisturizing even after cleansing.

How to use

STEP1. Oil Balm
Retouch your mistakes on lip and eye make-up.
STEP2. Sponge Tip
Wipe off make-up residues around your eye and lip using sponge tip located on the other side.
After using the sponge tip, wash it off with foaming cleanser and lukewarm water. Slightly wipe off spot on the remover with tissue.

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About AprilSkin

AprilSkin focuses on low skin irritation. We provide better products through a complex process and by breathing vitality into your skin by improving deep and tired skin. AprilSkin is a newly rising brand of natural cosmetics.