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A. by BOM Ultra Royal Leaf Mask

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1) Brand: A. by BOM

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 25ml x (10 sheet)


A royal beauty secret, Gold Aura Mask

A1. Royal Leaf Patch

Special patch with wrinkle reduction qualities will work on problematic areas to make the skin firm glowing.

A2. Ultra royal Leaf Mask

The skin reacts easily to environment changes and stress. The Ultra Royal Leaf Mask strengthens the skin to turn it into healthy, self-protective skin.

The Trans TENCEL sheet, a next-generation product from the Austrian brand Lenzing with all the qualities of TENCEL. Natural tissue that breathes and wraps around the skin in a perfect fit, allowing nutritious substances to be absorbed rapidly deep inside the skin.

how to use

Royal leaf patch - After cleansing your skin, fix the Royal Leaf Patch onto problematic area.

Ultra Royal leaf mask - Over the area, put on the Ultra Royal Leaf Mask so that it covers every part of the face.

Finish - Remove after 10 to 20 minutes and tap gently to let the remaining essence be absorbed.

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