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SKINRxLAB Madecera Essence Toner + Madecera Express Mask 1Box

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1) Brand : SKINRxLAB

2) Origin of country : South Korea

3) Volume : 150ml + 5 Sheets (1 Sheets 25g)


Madecera Essence Toner

Before it gets dry! Before your spots get darker! Moisture + relief + whitening triple treatment

The naturally derived fermented ceramide recovers your skin leaving a moisture barrier

Madecassoside and high purity TECA quickly replenishes your sensitive skin

The whitening substance, niacinamide repairs your skin leaving it bright and clear

Madecera is needed when skin dryness forms a vicious cycle, and you want to relieve your tired skin from coldness and ultraviolet rays and spots.

- Ceramide moisture lock-in essence adding the effect of essence to toner

- Whitening management of dark skin and spot care before it’s too late

- Oil and moisture balance management with natural substances.

Madecera Express Mask

Madecassoside and high purity TECA quickly recovers your sensitive skin
Naturally derived fermented ceramide repairs your skin leaving a moist barrier
Microfiber mask delivering a highly concentrated essence effect
Microfiber sheet

- Comfortable skin, exceptional adherence, immediate emergency management.

how to use

Madecera Essence Toner

After washing your face in the morning and night, apply a generous amount of the madecera essence toner to the hand, and apply the product softly in the direction of your skin. Lightly tap the remaining essence toner to absorb.


1. When dryness is severe, pour the essence toner on your hands and massage the product into your face.

2. Wet cotton balls or a mask sheet with the product and apply it on your face for 10 minutes, just like a face mask.

Madecera Express Mask

STEP 1. Clean your skin with a toner after washing your face

STEP 2. Apply the mask to your face

STEP 3. Leave for 15-20 minutes

STEP 4. Lightly tap to absorb the remaining product.

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