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the SAEM See & Saw Skin Conditioner

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1) Brand : the SAEM

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 500ml


See&Saw Skin Conditioner

1. Formulated with Echinacea extract
Wound-healing, Stress-care, Trouble-care

2. Excellent Anti-redness effect of 3 Green Water Bamboo sap, Green tea, Aloe Vera extract
-Quickly soothes easily-irritated or troubled skin
-Clarifies skin tone

3.Natural salicylic acid (extraced from Wintergreen) and Tea Tree
An oil-soluble agent that softens dead cells and promotes its removal

4. Bio Mimetix Water + NaCl90.9%) provide SOS Trouble Care
: Contains Bio Mimetic water and NACL(0.9%) provide skin moisture-like compoition, thus it is fast penetrating, ultra mild with trouble caring property

5. Immediate pH Blancing
: When you cleanse, your skin's pHlevel is destructed and become susceptible to bacteria invasion. This conditioner immediately restores the pH, keeping skin at its healthy condition

how to use

1. Pack(Mask)
Soak cotton pads or gauze with the AC Control conditioner. Leave on a skin for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Mist
Pour some into the spray type container. Spray anytime you need miisture. *When it is kept in the refrigerator, its soothing quality becomes even better.

3. Toner
After cleansing, pour some conditioner on a cotton pad and wipe off a skin gently.

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