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Sensual Gloss (Pearly / Clear / Neon)

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1) Brand : HERA

2) country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 5g

4) Colors : #131 Nude Pink / #203 Acoustic Peach / #279 Unique Orange / #121 Pink Original / #142 Dressy Pink / #185 Minimi Purple / #304 Modish Orange / #322 Zealous Red / #119 Pink Ade / #273 Orange Anemone

, Face , HERA , Lip , Lip Tint , Makeup

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Glossy texture adds exquisite gloss and moisture to the lips.
Unlike the old 2D powder, the all new 3D powder enhances the reflection of pearls to scatter the light in various angles to maximize the pearls' brilliance.
Light skin-fit texture covering the lips without giving a sticky feeling.
New technology of HERA - Smart Aeroshell is applied to stabilize pearls and moisture in the liquid formula to create a non-sticky, skin-fit texture.
Clear and bright color True-shade Pigment adds richness and gloss for color that catches the light with rich true color pigment on the lips regardless of their natural color.

how to use

Take an adequate amount on the tip and apply it from the center to the outer corners of the lips to get glamorous, high-gloss lips

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