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Borntree Root Birch Avenue Water

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1) Brand: Borntree

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 150ml


Featured in GQ and Elle magazines, Borntree’s Root Birch Avenue Water is an award winning basic skin care product! Infused with plant stem cell and mineral-rich water filtered through trees, it’s a one-two punch, protect-and-correct solution that works on the skin's surface to improve texture and clarity and on the cellular level to fight deep wrinkles. The result is a healthy, young-looking complexion.Men's Moisture Toner.

As a exceptional moisturizing care product which includes natural ingredients as it is which contains natural sap and extract. As a Homme basic care product which contains all kind of minerals and nutrients, which maximize to raise nourishing and moisturizing.

How to use

After cleansing or shaving, gently apply an appropriate amount to the entire face.

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About Borntree

Borntree refers to skin born from trees. We produce moisturizing cosmetics that have captured the secret obtained from trees, which are the symbols of nature. Fundamental skin problems start from dryness and lack of sleep. For this reason, Borntree captures the energy of life and moisture from trees to propose a healthy skin healing solution focused on moisture care.