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For Men Class-up Pomade

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1) Brand: Missha

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 80g

4) Type: Original / Strong Hold

, Body & Hair , Hair , Homme , Missha

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Heavy texture with easy hair styling anytime to give re style.

Elegant shine, one cleansing gives perfect removal with soluble type promade.

Plant extract vita complex gives frequent styling damaged hair healthy care.

how to use

STEP 1: After shampoo, dry your hair with a blowdryer, making the style you want.

STEP 2: Apply this pomade doing styling.

STEP 3: Tidy up your hair with comb and finish styling.

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about Missha

Missha is a brand that creates a new trend with bold challenges and an outstanding perception of beauty. It is a brand that continually shows new things to its customers and presents high-quality beauty products by creating a definite change that revitalizes the natural strength of the skin through the use of its products with ingredients that are essential to the skin