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Clio Pro Play Eyelash Adhesive

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1) Brand: Clio

2) Country of origin: South Korea

3) Volume: 5ml

4) Type: Clear / Black



Clear type eyelash adhesive making double eyelids.


Black type waterproof eyelash adhesive strong in sweat and tears.

How to use

Use as a double eyelides: Thin the contents over the eye. After about 5 seconds, use the built-in applicator to press down on the double eyelid.

Use as an eyelash adhesive: Apply to the base of artificial lashes and let dry for about 10 seconds. If the white glue is clean, apply eyelashes to the eyelids.

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About Clio

Clio is a makeup brand with the longest history in Korea that was established in 1993 by a professional makeup artist. We exist for women who understand the joy and value of beautifying themselves, and we prefer professional makeup to be simple and easy for anyone with innovative quality, sensual colors, and stylish designs that capture the know-how of professional artists.