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Tea Collection Bodywash

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1) Brand : Happy Bath

2) country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 800g

4) Type : Earl Grey Tea / Dargeeling Tea / Green Tea

, Body , Body & Hair , Body Cleanser , Happy Bath

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: We would like to introduce to you a mild body wash made with 8 core substances and Jeju green tea to those still showering with chemical substances.

Why are there 8 substances?

With 8 essential substances, the product leaves dry and sensitive skin clear and healthy.

No more of the same flower scent body wash!

A new differentiated body wash with a mild scent

How to use

1. Pour moderate amount on towel and create lather.

2. Massage all over body and rinse with water.

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about happybath

The bath products loved by Koreans, ‘Happy Bath’. Body products that allow users to enjoy baths filled with feel-good scents.