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Secret Pure Cleanser

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1) Brand : Bonabella

2) Country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 150ml

, Body , Bonabella , Cleansing

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Secret Pure Cleanser for smooth and smooth care of sensitive y zones.
The Secret Pure Cleanser is a ph 5.5 medicinal cleanser that does not pull after cleaning, and the botanical cleanser removes waste from the bubble and cleans it with clean, clean skin. Secret Pure Cleanser contains 83% of the mild herbal ingredients for women, helping protect and soothe their skin.

How to use

1. Pump the right amount and take it out of your hands.
2.Cleanly rinse the Y zone with water after gently massageing it with a rich foam.

Pharmacid cleansers are not only available pudenda, but also as a morning facial cleanser.

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A ‘hot brand’ as selected by OpentheBeauty. Bonabella provides the No. 1 blind tested base makeup products as selected by Get it Beauty. Bonabella’s products await you.