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HERA UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture

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1) Brand : HERA

2) country of origin : South Korea

3) Volume : 15g * 2

4) Type : #13 Ivory / #15 Rose Ivory / #17 Rose Vanilla / #21 Vanilla / #23 Beige / #25 Amber

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A dense layer of moisture for hydration and full coverage
Concentrated hyaluronic acid builds a fresh and dense layer of moisture to provide deep hydration and a natural dewy glow to the skin.
Secret Color Powder for healthy, glowing skin
A mix of four Secret Colors that are commonly absent in the skin creates a dewy glow for a perfectly natural and healthy glowing skin look.
* Secret Color Formula applied
HERA UV MIST CUSHION uses Secret Color Powder, which mimics the optical properties of bright, healthy and dewy-glowing skin to create a bright and luminous shine.
Long-lasting hydration for skin that never dries out
Concentrated hyaluronic acid holds moisture and densely fills the stratum corneum to prevent loss of moisture from the skin. Thin texture effortlessly glides over the skin and forms a fresh and dense layer of moisture to keep the skin hydrated for long hours.
Luxurious packaging design that’s worth having
HERA’s signature colors—the purple and black—give a distinctly modern look with sparkles glinting in the light to add style.
Puff designed to enhance coverage and shine
Puff does not soak up the foundation but still delivers it completely to the skin while enhancing the skin’s glow through a soft and delicate touch.

How to use

Use at the foundation step of your makeup routine after finishing skin care in the morning.

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